June 26, 2012

4 Ways You Can Have Rock Star Sex

by Ayelet Shimron

Rock stars are energetic, they don’t care what people think, and they go against every social convention known to man. So how can you apply these same rock star traits to enhance the energy in your bedroom and become a Rockin’ & Rollin’ Sex Star? Simple! Follow these easy steps and watch your sex life rock n’ roll! Yeah baby yeah!!!

1. Forget about the orgasm! I know this sounds contradictory, because most of us who engage in sexual activity are anticipating the orgasm to occur at some point in every sexual encounter. However, this view of sex could not be more false. If you want to have sex like a rock star, focus on the act of making love as the goal, and not on the orgasm. When we aim for orgasm, not only are we missing the point of love-making, but we set all these expectations up in advance, making it impossible to enjoy the present moment prior to orgasm. Rock stars don’t worry about the future, they rock in the moment! When an orgasm strikes, let it happen. But do not equate sex with orgasm itself. Be conscious in ever present moment during sex, and you will see how much more intense sex can be.

2. Stop thinking and start doing! Whenever you do something that you have been trained to do, such as play sports, you ironically think less about strategy and technique, and you simply play! Get rid of unnecessary thoughts, such as; “is my partner enjoying this” or “does my tummy look fat from that angle?” When you are surrounded and absorbed by racing hormones, the last thing your partner is worried about is that little bit of left over pudge from the ice cream Sunday you had last night. It simply does not happen. When your mind is filled with thoughts of passion and love-making, there physically is no room in the brain for ego and thoughts of judgment. When you start to understand that your partner is just as worried about his or her performance as you are, you begin to trust that what you are doing is always exactly what the other wants, and you stop worrying. Period.

3. Go from one extreme to the next! When rock stars perform, you never see them performing at a steady pace. They either rock extremely slow to build the intensity, or they peak at high-level-energetic magnitudes; jumping up and down, slamming guitars to shattered pieces, drums banging so loud till you can’t tell the difference between the beat of the drum and the beating of your heart. This is how sex must be. Go intensely slow, feel every little bit of movement and breath, even if it feels uncomfortably slow… that’s okay, it means you are preparing for the eruption of energy. Then let it all out, no remorse, every bit of tension, anxiousness, and sexual emotion should get released from every pour of your body until there is nothing left. Then repeat the process. Intensely slow, then transition automatically into intensely “hard-core”! 

4. As soon as you “finish” just remember you are not yet done! Give your body time to absorb the rock star sex you just had. Even though your mind may acknowledge that you have finished the act of sex, there are still immense amounts of electrical energies moving, not only throughout your entire body, but between and around the space you and your partner inhabit. Lay next to each other. Feel the other’s breath. Notice their heart beat through the skin covering their rib cage. Feel the heat that exists between both your body and your partner’s. Simply lay there and enjoy the lasting post-sex moments.

Always remember that sex is supposed to be fun. It should have a rhythm to it. When sex starts to feel like work it gets boring and dull. Go with the flow, feel the energy, and make sure to be conscious and intense in every single moment no matter what! Enjoy future Rock Stars!


About Ayelet Shimron: Ayelet Shimron is a transformational coach, relationship/sex consultant and motivational speaker. Having traveled to over 30 destinations across the globe to study spirituality, meditation and cultural communication, Ayelet's evolving expertise span from purposeful living and guiding meditations to helping people to love and be loved. “What is life if not experienced in its entirety and with intensity; when we open the door to our hearts, naturally life reveals a dynamic universe of vibrant colors.” Ayelet recently returned from Israel, where she spent 4 months studying the deep mystical secrets of Kabbalah; By applying these secrets to her practice, Ayelet is helping people find true meaning by tapping into the channels of mind, body, and soul.

Twitter: @CoachForLove

June 20, 2012

Today is the MOST sensual day!

by Neeta Mittal

Photograph by Nima Moghini
Today is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. It has deep roots in love, sexuality, sensuality and spirituality... it is about the inner You!

Nature intended this day to be a time of  intensity, renewal and great potential. Amidst the crazy schedules, endless to-do lists, take an hour, a few minutes, a moment: to FEEL... to feel your body, mind and spirit by doing something different.

Have a warm cup of tea in a quiet corner, be still and try to listen to the birds, feel the blades of the grass on your lawn by stepping out barefoot, use your Ipad to play a random album on Spotify, lie in the sun, call an estranged friend. Smile. 

Bask in the afterglow of your sensations...

Numerologist Avia Venefica gives the symbolism of the solstice: This is symbolic of the light of our consciousness shining more brightly in our awareness. It's also symbolic passion, desire and sensuality burning more intensely within the hearts of both humankind and animal kin. The sun is a warming entity, so it fires our passions and heats up our hearts to the potential of life that abounds."

After this day, each moment of light recedes a bit more, leaving each a day a smidge darker than the last.

So, step outside ... NOW ! Soak up the sun, savor the summer heat, seek out a SUNFLOWER!


June 18, 2012

Khajuraho : Expression of an evolved civilization

Known to have one of the world’s oldest civilizations in its history, India has also been known as a land of mysticism and exotica. For centuries travelers have come here seeking its treasures both material and spiritual and have never left empty-handed. Today, more than ever, people come here from around the world to learn more about its culture and to gain in-depth knowledge of its ancient scriptures and way of living; yoga being quite the crowd-puller. But what has surprised and piqued the curiosity of the world most about India as they stepped foot here, is its unabashed sensuous history. For a coy country comfortably ensconced in arranged marriages and sexual prudery, the casual traveler has been left surprised by the incredibly sensuous sculptures adorning none other than its holy temple walls…

Many have debated over the importance and relevance of the curvaceous nymphs carved into the walls of Indian temples along with passionate scenes of love-making straight out of the pages of the famed Kamasutra. The reasons could be many; different experts have different views on this subject. The most common belief, though, is that the temples were carved to depict everything about human life – from wars that people fought at that time to routine daily chores and to, of course, the act of procreation. Increasing the race was highly encouraged and considered an act of celebration, which is also probably why it was joyously depicted in the sculptures. Moreover, it cannot be denied that these are also a  celebration of the human form, particularly the female form, apparent in the hundreds of full-figured, graceful apsaras that adorn the temple walls.

Nowhere are these sculptures more beautifully carved and depicted than on the temple walls of Khajuraho, which is an UNESCO World Heritage site. Built over a span of 200 years between 950 AD and 1150 AD, these magical monuments in sandstone are the epitome of India’s sensuous history. Here the wonderfully joyful and well-endowed nymphs are showcased going about their daily life with music and dance, sometimes putting on make-up or simply admiring themselves in a mirror. Images of couples in amorous embraces called Mithunas are particularly striking in their gracefulness and explicitness. Each temple houses hundreds of these beautiful sculptures, which are a veritable feast to the eyes. A visit to Khajuraho, therefore, is highly recommended to those who wish to experience the perfect blend of artistry on stone with aesthetic sensuality.


About Madhu & Savi: On their 10th anniversary, Madhu and Savi decided to try out something they had been dreaming of for a long time … a multi-year trip through India! Today, with the wealth of knowledge gained over the years, they are providing fellow travelers with custom designed trips to India, ensuring them a unique experience in a multi-faceted country that has so much to offer! www.10yearitch.com

June 7, 2012

Genesis of “LXV” (Yes… we filmmakers are a bit dramatic)

Lights camera ..... bottle? Not exactly what I had in mind when I explored the exotic realm of KamaSutra with a pen in my hand.

"The 65th Art": a story about an 1820s Victorian household shaken by an unofficial copy of the KamaSutra! The characters of my screenplay lived a contrived, bottled-up Victorian life in Sealy Manor … paisleys, side saddle, butlers ... you get the idea!!! Until one day, an Indian walked into Sealy Manor.  A man with exotic looks and even more exotic ideologies. A KamaSutra guru! He brought with him a storm of love, passion and romance, dizzying all the characters. The nobility of England found itself exploring the various arts of the KamaSutra, surprising even the Indian. But one special Victorian caught his eye: a nymph named Ana...

But these ramblings are not about my screenplay, but about the manifestation of what happened next, with "The 65th Art"

Well what happened was the ubiquitous writer's block. My characters started staring back at me with the words I chose as if to say: "Really! Is this is the best you've got!". I escaped to the beautiful countryside of Paso Robles for inspiration. Beautiful rustic wineries surrounded by picturesque beauty.  Much like the English countryside. But sunnier... Much sunnier!

I visited various wine appellations: Napa, Paso, Santa Ynez, Templeton, Trader Joes, Ralphs! The mustard fields, smell of fermenting grapes and the lapping winery dogs will do that to you!

Wine and wine country became an inspiration, and then an essential , not only for me, but my characters. My leading lady often demanded a sniff of Gew├╝rztraminer before letting me know what she would do next. Yes, she had exotic tastes! My butler seemed to steal swigs of Merlot. I did not understand why until I watched Sideways!!!

This menage a trois between the characters, the vino and me continued for two years. Till I had bottled the perfect blend - a beautiful screenplay, that is.

After shopping around the screenplay for two years and seeing it (almost) on the marquee, things happened, as they do in Hollywood. I had to shelf "The 65th Art!"

As I sat down to pen a new screenplay, all I could remember were the deliciously intoxicated nights at Sealy manor with Ana, the butler, the other residents and, of course,  the Indian guru. As I watched them open up to the possibilities of the ancient Indian philosophy, I wondered: what if the Indian guru were to time travel to where I am???

So on the marquee is LXV - a wine inspired by the 64 arts of Kamasutra, in honor of the the divine sensuality in you: the 65th Sutra!

Welcome to LXV!


About LXV : LXV is a wine inspired by the exotic arts of India. The style of the wine is at once classic and contemporary, showcasing the uniqueness of Paso Robles wines. Every release of LXV showcases a small-lot, hand crafted, luxury wine inspired by a particular art of Kama Sutra. We invite inspirational winemakers and artists to share their philosophies on wine, 
art and sensuality, through images, interviews, events, and by curating their work. As such, LXV is a collective philosophy of indulging your senses and inspiring the inner sensuality in you.