October 19, 2016

A Diwali night, made memorable by wine

I always wondered how would Rumi romanticize a Diwali party? Probably with wine savored and spilled between glorious musings...

In the spirit of love and life, how about some luscious wine to carry the mood and flavors of the night!

A glass of a Brut Sparkling wine will already spark fireworks, as your guests arrive with a heightened anticipation of the Diwali night.

Few bottles of racy whites chilling in a bucket of cold water (not ice), with marigolds floating in them, will entice your guests to refill their glasses to  complement the unparalleled array of appetizers. 

The aromatics of an off-dry Riesling from Alsace or Germany, a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or a statelier Viognier, will complement the bouquet in the air. The refreshing acidity in these wines will cleanse your palate for the next bite, as you tantalize your taste buds, back and forth, with samosas, kebabs, and chaat. And if a conversation is your aperitif,  the wine will be your silent companion for the quiet reflections, in midst of the revelry!

The puja, with its profound moments of chanting and offerings, will often create a nostalgia. A heaviness will set in the air, as everyone mulls on the meaning of this moment and of life.

What a great time to serve a classic Burgundy or Bordeaux. A conversation that will belong to a different region but will hit the similar chord of tradition and time.

As the mood starts levitating again, and stories start spilling about childhood shenanigans and adult debaucheries, the heavenly notes of spice will waft into the air, as you set the table with the most extravagant curries, gravies, and dals. Probably there is a recipe passed down by someone who you were thinking of all night. This tribute calls for some earthy wines that will build on the complexity of these dishes and the sentiment. 
Young Rhone wines that typically employ little oak barrels, when aging, sing with such dishes. The spice notes in Syrah from Hermitage or the Grenache in a  Chateauneuf du pape  will complement the myriad of masalas, with the fruit in the wine tempering the soaring spice.

And if you truly believe this is the feast for Gods, open that stowed away Sauternes with the biryani. You will be offering your guests a memorable moment!

The epitome of the night is the beautifully crafted desserts. Bowls of ras malai and phirni will be passed  around, as everyone settles down for a  melodious rendition of an old Bollywood melody, or someone strumming on their sitar. Muse your guests with a honeywine. 

As shubh diwali becomes shubh ratri, and you are enveloped by the quiet of your home, treat yourself to a ladoo and sip of Madeira.

You will never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory!


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