January 30, 2018

A sensuous, romantic Valentine evening... in a Box?

A Valentine Wine gift inspired by the land of Kamasutra? Your heart is pounding, your imagination is racing, your senses are tingling. As they should!

LXV Wine’s || Valentine Aphrodisiac Box || offers three small-batch, premium wines paired with intoxicating spice blends, and complemented by simple recipes curated in-house.

“Because the finer things we experience are not only about the content but also about the context - the space, the company, the mood, the soul… the Mise en place of Life!” says Neeta Mittal, owner of LXV Wine.

The Valentine Aphrodisiac Box includes three wines – a Rose, a blend, and a Reserve Wine - all from LXV’s limited wine collection, and inspired by Sangiovese, Neeta’s muse.

 Curated in collaboration with Eric Ponce, Barrel Program Manager at Firestone Walker Brewing, the bright, acid-driven Rose, with its an ethereal nose of violets, vanilla with hints of licorice, is paired with a playful spice blend of Mandarina Hops, Miso Powder, and Toasted Coconut. A decadent crusted shrimp or paneer (vegetarian) or portabella mushroom (vegan) is a great tease to begin the celebrations of the evening.

 Sangiovese-Petit Verdot, with an ethereal nose of violets, vanilla with hints of licorice, is heightened by the blend of Porcini Mushrooms, Saffron, and Dry Mango Powder. Generously rub a pork chop or a firm tofu like tempeh (vegan) with the spice blend to move the evening into something more sinful.

 The moment of surrender comes with the first sip of the Reserve Sangiovese - cherries, dried cranberry, wild strawberry, blackberry, violets, potpourri and licorice, and exuding earthy notes of espresso and tilled soil along with mouth-gripping tannins. There is a simplicity that exists on the far side of complexity - Cherrywood smoked sea salt sprinkled on your favorite pasta dish will take the night to a crescendo!

Or, simply sprinkle the spices on a neutral cheese for an equally powerful aphrodisiac experience. It is no surprise then, that we are constantly called the Blue Apron of the wine world!

Named 7th Best tasting experience in America by USA Today, this LXV Wine’s || Valentine Aphrodisiac Box || promises to be a heady ride from a tease, through a sin, to a crescendo. 

Inspired by the Kamasutra, everything we do is in your honor. You are the 65th Art. You are LXV. 

The box retails for $145 with a special price of $125 for members of the LXV Club and Wine Industry. The Winery is offering an attractive shipping rate of $15 for any address in US (except few states such as HI, AK, ND, IL)

To order: 
Email: order@lxvwine.com  
Call: 805-296-1902

LXV Wine is a boutique wine inspired by the 64 arts of KamaSutra. Focusing on the most coveted Willow Creek appellation in Paso Robles, LXV boasts of an artisanal wine enveloped in a sensuous experience
www.lxvwine.com | info@lxvwine.com


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