Genesis of “LXV” (Yes… we filmmakers are a bit dramatic)

Lights camera ..... bottle? Not exactly what I had in mind when I explored the exotic realm of KamaSutra with a pen in my hand.

"The 65th Art": a story about an 1820s Victorian household shaken by an unofficial copy of the KamaSutra! The characters of my screenplay lived a contrived, bottled-up Victorian life in Sealy Manor … paisleys, side saddle, butlers ... you get the idea!!! Until one day, an Indian walked into Sealy Manor.  A man with exotic looks and even more exotic ideologies. A KamaSutra guru! He brought with him a storm of love, passion and romance, dizzying all the characters. The nobility of England found itself exploring the various arts of the KamaSutra, surprising even the Indian. But one special Victorian caught his eye: a nymph named Ana...

But these ramblings are not about my screenplay, but about the manifestation of what happened next, with "The 65th Art"

Well what happened was the ubiquitous writer's block. My characters started staring back at me with the words I chose as if to say: "Really! Is this is the best you've got!". I escaped to the beautiful countryside of Paso Robles for inspiration. Beautiful rustic wineries surrounded by picturesque beauty.  Much like the English countryside. But sunnier... Much sunnier!

I visited various wine appellations: Napa, Paso, Santa Ynez, Templeton, Trader Joes, Ralphs! The mustard fields, smell of fermenting grapes and the lapping winery dogs will do that to you!

Wine and wine country became an inspiration, and then an essential , not only for me, but my characters. My leading lady often demanded a sniff of Gewürztraminer before letting me know what she would do next. Yes, she had exotic tastes! My butler seemed to steal swigs of Merlot. I did not understand why until I watched Sideways!!!

This menage a trois between the characters, the vino and me continued for two years. Till I had bottled the perfect blend - a beautiful screenplay, that is.

After shopping around the screenplay for two years and seeing it (almost) on the marquee, things happened, as they do in Hollywood. I had to shelf "The 65th Art!"

As I sat down to pen a new screenplay, all I could remember were the deliciously intoxicated nights at Sealy manor with Ana, the butler, the other residents and, of course,  the Indian guru. As I watched them open up to the possibilities of the ancient Indian philosophy, I wondered: what if the Indian guru were to time travel to where I am???

So on the marquee is LXV - a wine inspired by the 64 arts of Kamasutra, in honor of the the divine sensuality in you: the 65th Sutra!

Welcome to LXV!


About LXV : LXV is a wine inspired by the exotic arts of India. The style of the wine is at once classic and contemporary, showcasing the uniqueness of Paso Robles wines. Every release of LXV showcases a small-lot, hand crafted, luxury wine inspired by a particular art of Kama Sutra. We invite inspirational winemakers and artists to share their philosophies on wine, 
art and sensuality, through images, interviews, events, and by curating their work. As such, LXV is a collective philosophy of indulging your senses and inspiring the inner sensuality in you.


  1. The 65th Kamasutra has an eco-sensual scarf that drapes over it - both on the screen and on the shelf. Beautiful peek into the making of a goddess wine. I'm loving this! It's got my endorsement!

    The Eco-Goddess

  2. Those are beautiful words Surya ... but then, you are a beautiful soul :)


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