Tantric Bites for Restaurant Month at LXV Wine Lounge

A brisk stroll through fallen oak leaves as you brace a cozy cashmere sweater, a crackling fire warming your feet as you indulge in the pages of a well-worn novel and a lover’s soft caress, a bite into the supple creaminess of aged brie with a sip of a delicate, yet assertive, Pinot Noir — aren't everyday pleasures heightened when experienced together? 

To heighten your experience of January Restaurant Month, we encourage you to sip, nibble, and perhaps even gasp in ecstasy. 

"Wine is living. It has infinite flavors and aromas; When paired with a bite that helps discover layers of its depth and complexity, the wine unveils itself slowly, heightening your senses with every whiff and sip" says Neeta Mittal, founder of LXV Wine and emphatic believer that there is nothing more sensory than wine. "Well, almost nothing" she adds coyly. "You smell more, you taste more, and your feel more—much like a lover's touch!"

Experience this sensory journey at our plush downtown Paso Robles LXV Lounge. We’ll be serving up titillating Tantric Bites every weekend this month for maximum flavor arousal. Curated by our resident Sommelier, Samantha Payette, you will savor: 

o   Infatuation: LXV Dark Romance with Pepper Shooters: Cherry Peppers stuffed with aged provolone and prosciutto.
o   Intimacy: LXV Rising Tempo with pan forte.
o   Surrender: Crimson Jewel with cranberry spiced goat cheese rolled in smoked duck breast.
o   Ecstasy: LXV Secret Craving with black truffle pate on petit toast with cornichon.

Reserve your spot at: https://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=15159436282

No time to drop by? Engage in a little pleasurable palate play in the comfort of your own kitchen. Pick up a few cheeses of varying flavors (sharp cheddar, pungent munster, creamy goat) and pop open a bottle of red and white wine—any varietal will do.

Now, for the fun part: Blindfold your partner and let the feasting begin. When your partner lets out a little sigh of joy, you’ll know you’ve hit a high note. We might even try this at the Lounge! 

After all, Restaurant Month at LXV Lounge is about more than following any strict “code” of pairing. It’s about unlocking the powerful and playful nature of life’s most delicious experiences.

So, this cold season, allow warm spices, earthy foods, luxuriating wine, and intoxicating company envelope you in a warm desire. 

About Hayley Thomas: Hayley Thomas is a San Luis Obispo freelance writer who loves exploring the stories and faces behind the best local food and wine. Follow her offbeat culinary adventures at HayleyThomas.com


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