The 500th Sutra for LXV!

500 lives, 500 hearts, 500 minds. The context of these separate lives are completely unrelated, except they have each walked forever into our hearts and minds here at LXV. We are boutique, small, home grown and nourished. As such, club members are our life force, our blood, what nourishes and inspires us, what rewards us with a smile at the end of, and throughout, a long day. We have neither national nor international distribution chains, we are not carried under the florescent light of supermarkets. Our wines, and our loyalty, is stored and coveted in the cellars, wine racks, and wine refrigerators of our club members.

In 2010, we started with two hearts and minds. Neeta Mittal was the vision, and Kunal Mittal was the focused guidance. They acquired a premium wine property on the coveted Willow Creek Road in Paso Robles.  
"Paso Robles reminds me of India", says Neeta. "Maybe because of the relationship people have with the earth and with each other. There is an intimacy in the ecosystem in Paso. And that expresses itself in the grapes, in the winemaking, and ultimately in the wines."

This inspiration gave rise first to a single wine, a single reflection of what lied within. Our first tasting was on the ranch on Willow Creek with that single wine - Rising Tempo. We garnered the support of not just club members, but communities. And all they had to back, was a vision!

This momentous love spun into the opening our famous lounge in 2013 which elicited, at the opening in fact, the sixty-fifth, heart and mind who chose to pick up a pen and add their vitality to our club family. 

This year the family also saw our first ever club exclusive wine, Club Reserve Cabernet Franc, which remains Kunal's muse! This was the first time members truly collected the bounty of our thriving relationships with growers for the singular reason of releasing specialty wines from us, to only them: our LXV family.

Many others continued to join us, to use pen and ink to sign with us and add support of their heart’s and mind’s, receiving offerings of our wines conveniently delivered to their doorstep, twice a year, customizable upon request. 

With our LXV family, we have evolved. We do not send shipments on Fridays in order to preserve quality and reduce journey time from warehouse to doorstep. We ship only in the cooler months, November(right before Thanksgiving!) and April, to utilize natural temperature control. And, we always offer customizable shipments, to cater to the diverse tastes our LXV family. 

One thing that has remained consistent is our focus on the Willow Creek District, Paso Robles’s most premier and respected AVA, and the location of our 14 acre Ranch. The location of the ranch is where we and our club members go to feel grounded, to touch our roots. In late 2015, LXV finally attained a permit to build our dreams, to adapt to this next step by extending ourselves even more with the designs that push the conceptions of a tasting room to its limits. 

The ranch is the future sight of the exclusive LXV Club Only Bed and Breakfast, open aired tasting room, and estate vineyard. Who says a room needs walls ? Eventually, our club members will have their own private tasting room at the ranch. They will be showered, in the LXV style, with our company and exotic pairings with the special terroir of Willow Creek embracing us.

As we welcome the 500th member into our family, please pick up the pen (or click) and let us give you our gratitude, in quality wines sourced from the premier Willow Creek District, and the strength of an LXV family. 


If you join LXV Club by Fri, Mar 4th, we will offer you 2 Wines that are now off the list: 
2013 Club Reserve Sangiovese & 2013 Crimson Jewel (Sangiovese-Petite Sirah)

As a token of our appreciation for your unwavering support that got us to the 500th milestone, we have put together a very special "LXV-D" offer, with 10% additional discount to your normal Club discount.

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LXV Wine is a boutique wine inspired by the 64 arts of KamaSutra. Focusing on the most coveted Willow Creek appellation in Paso Robles, LXV boasts of an artisanal wine enveloped in a sensuous experience |


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